Lisa Hong 洪寳蓮


Alex Niu 牛君翰


Thank you!

Thank you for wanting to get Lisa and Alex a gift! It is not necessary but very much and absolutely appreciated!

If you would like to get them something, they ask that you consider a cash gift because Lisa and Alex have lived together for over three years now and have all the physical things they need (and many that they don't). Also, they will be moving again once Alex finishes his fellowship in New Orleans and they want to avoid accumulating more stuff. When they moved to New Orleans, Lisa's Crosstrek was way too full (pictured above)...haha

Contributions will help them prepare to grow our family and save for their family's future! They hope to have two kids (one boy and one girl *crosses fingers*)! And they hope to find their long term home after Alex's training is complete (in less than one or two years).

Thank you for contributing to their lifelong adventure together ♡

To contribute, click on "View Registry" link under your preferred contribution method.


Lisa and Alex have set up a Zola registery and you can access it below.
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If you would rather use Venmo, the link below is connected to Lisa's account. Alex is not the best about checking his Venmo account...haha
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If you would rather use PayPal, the link below is also connected to Lisa's account. Not sure if Alex even has a PayPal
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