Lisa Hong 洪寳蓮


Alex Niu 牛君翰


2013.05.24 — Our first picture together
My Name...
Lisa's birthday...many years ago
Lisa's Family ♡
Alex and his parents at his cousin's wedding
Patrick, Alex and Kevin's UC Berkeley graduation
Alex's cousins, Angie and Tony, and their families ♡
Annie is Lisa's cousin and used to take care of Lisa and her siblings when they were growing up ♡
Alaska and Canada Cruise
Family Reunion in the Bay Area ♡
Alex and his parents in Cincinnati for his graduation from residency ♡
Ms. Chakrabarti was Lisa's 10th and 12th grade teacher. Her husband Sheehan became Lisa's boss in college. Sheehan and Lisa then became colleagues when Lisa graduated.
Old supervisor and friend Shannon ♡
Alex and his groomsmen—Jason, Kevin and Patrick—partied it up at Kevin and Caroline's wedding!
When Alex had adult hockey to keep him fit
Rose, Lisa and Michelle's Yosemite we did not finish Half Dome. Rose and Lisa were able to complete it the week after though!
Lisa could not resist reading her favorite book from childhood to Tyler!
Lindsay (bridesmaid) and Lisa's outing for yummy Japanese food
Meeting Stephanie's (Alex's Idaho friend) baby Annabelle
Disneyland...the happiest place on earth ♡
Disneyland — We found Doug! We couldn't find Russell though :(
Hawaii — Skydiving!
Hawaii — one of the few hikes Alex has gone on with Lisa. The only time he actually beat her!
Lisa's college friends
Forever friends, no matter what ♡ #fistbump #sincehighschool
Probably the only picture of Liana (maid of honor) and Lisa
Rose (bridesmaid) and Lisa's first time in NYC
MATCH DAY...when they found out Alex would move to Cincinnati, OH
Lisa's collection of boarding passes from the 3 years of dating Alex long-distance
On the big screen O.O
Monica: It was either a pink bunny or no bunny at all.
Chandler: No bunny at all! Always no bunny at all!
New Years Eve
So no one told you life was gonna be this way...
In Columbus, OH to watch the SJ Sharks
We only get fancy for friends' weddings...back in Portland, OR for less than 24 hours to celebrate Kim and Paul
Siblings all grown up! Getting ready for Robinson's wedding in Vietnam!
Alex runs his first 5K...probably only because Missy and Brendan were running too haha
May 2018 — Lisa buys her first car!
Sisters all grown up
Celebrating Brendan and Missy's wedding
Catan ♡ (GOT is meh.)
Alex with Lisa's cousin's son AJ...and he didn't cry!
Lisa in Arizona with good friend and old co-worker Mary for a half marathon
Cincinnati Family out in Seattle, WA for Matt and Grace's wedding
The One Where Lisa Learns To Take a Picture on the Incredicoaster ♡
We don't need to sit together if it means scoring slightly cheaper Hamilton tickets
2018 — Halloween pumpkin carving at Missy and Brendan's
I think this is the only picture of us together at Cal hahah
First time in Vancouver, Canada and we went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge to see the holiday lights
2019.03.23 ♡ Our engagement
Wordcloud by Alex's fellow residents for graduation ♡
The women that make it possible for Men in Medicine to graduate ♡ Missing Stephanie!
Our last outing before we all started our next chapter...missing Stephanie!
Picture time with Paisley ♡
Celebrating Missy and Brendan's wedding
Celebrating Missy and Brendan's wedding
2018 — After their night shift
12 years later...Lisa's high school family (missing Ricky) ♡
OH Family Reunion — Missing Brendan, Missy and David but we got babies Stephanie, Cora and Teo this time ♡
The only time we took professional pictures; we were on a cruise. It was "free"! hahah
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