Lisa Hong 洪寳蓮


Alex Niu 牛君翰

Our Story

Our Wedding in Cincinnati in 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lisa and Alex had to postpone their wedding plans in California. They were fortunate enough to be able to host an intimate wedding at The Lytle Park Hotel, a newly opened hotel with a beautiful rooftop, for 30 of their closest friends from Cincinnati and a couple of Lisa's high school friends on Sunday, October 25, 2020.

Here is a beautiful video by Studio 213 Films highlighting the wonderful day.


a.k.a. Alex's Version

Lisa and Alex met at University of California, Berkeley. The rest are just details and for the history books...


a.k.a. Lisa's Version

Alex and Lisa met in January 2008 in their Physics 8A discussion at Berkeley. They saw each other almost every day that semester. Lisa definitely had a crush on Alex but was too busy with school and work to pay attention to her feelings. After that semester, they never saw each other in-person again (until 2011). They kept in touch via AIM, Facebook and text. They had tried to date at the end of 2011, but the timing was just wrong.

In the summer of 2012, Alex moved to Portland, OR for medical school. He stayed in touch with Lisa, complaining about his dating experiences in Portland. In May 2013, Lisa and her friend went on a road trip to Portland and Seattle. Before the trip, Alex asked Lisa if she would consider a long-distance relationship with him but Lisa said they should wait to talk about it in-person.

When Lisa and her friend arrived at Alex's apartment, Lisa was putting her bags down when Alex kissed her. (Lisa finds out a few years later that Alex thought she was leaning over to kiss him.) Before they could talk about the kiss, they had to rush to meet Alex's friends for dinner. When they arrived at Saburo's for sushi, Alex introduced Lisa as his girlfriend! O.o Lisa decided to not say anything to avoid any awkwardness and responded with "Hi!" As the night went on and they met more of Alex's friends, Alex continued to introduce Lisa as his "girlfriend" and Lisa continued to respond with "Hi!"

When they finally got back to Alex's apartment, Lisa called Alex out for introducing her as his girlfriend without asking her first. Alex reasoned that it was easier than explaining their situation. (Lisa disagrees to this day.) Alex then officially asked Lisa to be his girlfriend. Lisa obviously said yes to his proposal which started their long-distance relationship.

Because Alex was in medical school, Lisa did more of the traveling to and from Portland. But Alex did try to fly to Lisa as best he could. (Here is the video of Alex surprising Lisa for her birthday in 2014!) They also went on many trips together, including Disneyland, Las Vegas and Hawaii! They even skydived in Hawaii! (Their parents were not particularly happy about that...) When Alex matched to University of Cincinnati for residency in Internal Medicine, Lisa helped Alex find an apartment in Cincinnati and even flew out to help him move in when he was in orientation. This gave her the opportunity to explore and get to know Cincinnati. Surprisingly, long distance between Cincinnati and the Bay Area was not really a challenge because Lisa is a morning person and Alex is a night owl.

Four years flew by rather quickly. Lisa and Alex felt good about their relationship but agreed it was best to live together before getting married. Lisa moved to Cincinnati, OH on July 1, 2017 to see if there was a future for their relationship and enrolled in a master's program for health education at the University of Cincinnati. She got her own apartment since they both were used to having their own space and did not want to rush things. But, it ended up being a waste of money. On the weekdays, Alex stayed over at Lisa's; it was across the street from the hospital. And Lisa would go to Alex's on the weekend (especially to do laundry). After a year of hauling groceries and laundry back and forth from each other's apartments, Alex and Lisa decided to move in together in June 2018! (Big thanks to their Cincinnati friends who helped them move! It was a feat!)

After officially living together for almost a year, Alex decided to propose to Lisa with their Cincinnati friends hiding nearby. While Alex does not believe that Lisa knew he was going to propose that day, Lisa definitely KNEW!
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